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About Us

crop ethnic women harvesting vegetables in green garden
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Pecan, The HONE Initiative’s focus is to establish principles of equity to build healthy and thriving neighborhoods in Berks County. The organization provides opportunity to develop useful cookery skills and food knowledge to make healthy choices at home.

We focus on supporting children and families choose healthier lives through exposure to fresh fruits and vegetables, with hands-on nutrition education.

When we aren’t doing workshops or presentations, our focus is on researching food insecurity to determine what else can be done to combat hunger in America. Change needs to be in response to the needs of its people, and we are changing the approach from need-based to rights-based because we believe everyone should have the right to food security.

If we aren’t going to talk about change, let us talk about transformation.

Mikaela Loach

We provide a welcoming learning environments for people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities in English and Spanish.

Through nutrition-based training and experience, we work with communities that have been systematically denied access to resources to eliminate barriers and establish routes to health and economic equity.

Pecan, works with children and families, we leverage our workshops to create culturally appropriate, engaging spaces were everyone can thrive.

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